Warriors WayWhat happens when you get an Eastern Asian warrior / martial artist and drop him into a Western setting.  That’s right, Caine from Kung Fu! Sorry, this isn’t about Caine though, it’s a much less popular film called The Warrior’s Way.

So yeah….  You’ve got the Asian warrior in a Western setting since the main man Yang (played by Jang Dong-gun) is considered the best Swordsman in the World…..in Japan.  He kills off a clan and honors his own, until he discovers a small baby.

This baby is the child of the Clan leaders he just killed. Unable to follow through with his kill, he grabs the baby and moves to ‘murica. He tries to track down a friend but has no luck, but takes over his laundry business whilst sealing his sword (so he doesn’t use it anymore).

Naturally some bad guys come into town – just the Colonel and his men who love to do a bit of rape and kill in their spare time.  So our hero must unsheathe his sword and save the day – which somehow alerts his location to his former clan who decide he is a traitor who must be killed.

So Yang is left defending the town and himself against enemies both foreign and domestic.  Before long he must face off with his old master – who is hell bent on killing him.

Yang fighting


Yang is a boring and flat character.  Although some of his lines are relatively interesting and show some philosophy and thoughts on combat, this movie is set up like a comedy – light hearted but without the actual funny jokes.

Yang meets a girl whose parents were killed so naturally she wants revenge, yet barely bats an eyelid when she discovers that Yang killed the baby’s parents – which is pretty much the exact same crime. The movie seems to crawl at a slow pace – with me often checking the timer and being shocked that I was only 20 minutes into the film.

But it plays out and we do eventually see some action, but it seems to be saturated with a mix of decent and quite crappy CGI work – both in the scenery and the action.

Too much Hollywood and not enough martial arts makes this very lack luster. Even in comparison to Hollywood films it’s a little too ‘martial arts’ – just all of the boring stuff.

The Verdict?

Visually great, but boring as hell.  This movie was a total box office bomb and I see why.  Give this one the skip.

On Blu Ray –

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The Warrior’s Way [Blu-ray]

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The Warrior’s Way [Blu-ray]

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The Warrior’s Way

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The Warrior’s Way [DVD]

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