Tekken Blood VengeanceIf you’re around my age, you no doubt would have heard of played a bit of Tekken as a teenager!

The different fighting styles and cool character design will always stick with me, so naturally when I heard of Tekken: Blood Vengeance, and saw how close it looked to the game I had to watch it!

The story ultimately revolves around the family rivalry between the Machima’s – Heihachi who is the father of Kazuya, Kazuya the father of Jin, and of course Jin himself.

All three hate each other’s guts and want to fight it out and kill each other – probably the worst and most violent family reunion you’ve ever been too…

Pulling the strings on different sides are the sisters Nina and Anna Williams, but the story follows most closely the girls whose strings are being pulled – Ling and Alisa.

Ling has been sent to a school to gather information on one of the boys going there named Shin.  She arrives and quickly meets Alisa and the two become friends. They then work together to find information on Shin when they get caught up in a fight between the Michimas and all hell breaks loose.

Nina and Anna Williams

What I really expected from this movie was some cool animated fights very similar to what you get in the video games and that’s what is delivered – only not very much of it.

The action is pretty ordinary and as things build up you get the hint that it could escalate into something really cool, but instead it becomes an ending that seems to be aimed at being a little ‘too epic’ and winds up being pretty disappointing.

The animation and effects are superb but the story is nothing standard and without the cool action, similar to the game to back it up it just doesn’t cut it as a good movie adaption.  Although it has all of the Michimas within it it seems like such a narrow part of the Tekken Universe.

The Michimas Fight

Even if you stand the movie on it’s own, outside of the existing history it’s a pretty boring film.  Ultimately, I think this movie is a bit of a fail, I can’t really say I’d feel good recommending it anyone.

On DVD –

Region 1 (US & Canada)
Tekken: Blood Vengeance

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Tekken: Blood Vengeance [DVD]

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