TakenThis movie is one of those action movies that just seems to hit every note and play the right tune for the audience – it’s a 2008 aciton movie starring Liam Neeson called Taken.

It’s a movie about a man named Brian, a former ‘Preventer’ for the US Government that is highly skilled in all things security – especially when it comes to hand to hand combat it seems.

His daughter, now living with his ex wife and turning 17, decides she wants to go to Paris with a friend for a holiday, an idea Brian doesn’t like but approves with certain conditions.

Unfortunately, when she goes over her and her friend are ‘taken’ by some criminals to be sold as prostitutes on the open market.  Luckily she happened to be on the phone at the time and works with her father during what small time they have to describe her kidnappers.

He speaks briefly to one of the men immediatelyafter his daughter is taken, warning him of his skills before being told ‘Good Luck’.

From there Brian loses his shit and pulls out all of the stops to go over to Paris and catch the people behind the kidnapping.


Do not mess with Liam Neeson Brian!

He has a high attention to detail, and is unbelievably crafty and resourceful in tracking down his next clue.  Quite often his clue leads him to a person or people who he must almost effortlessly bash and kill for more information.

Liam Neeson

He works well under pressure and is able to con some of the shiftiest of crooks, it’s really interesting to watch as he dissects every piece of evidence he finds in a case of simply finding the next location or person to find – to which he narrows down from there until he gets the next piece of information.

Liam Neeson plays the part perfectly.  Although not the most physically intimidating actor out there, his ability to play the outraged father is perfect. What he lacks in touch guy looks he makes up for in attitude – but don’t let the looks fool you as Liam Neeson used to be a Golden Glove boxer!

The Action & Martial Arts

While Liam Neeson confesses that he doesn’t train in martial arts, he does have the boxing background and does perform all of his own fight scenes – just not the dangerous stunts.

The fighting is a little shakey but displays some real no nonsense results driven strikes designed to take out anyone in his path. He’s out there disarming guys, stabbing and throat chopping his way to Daddy’s Little Girl, and the protective nature seems to be put into overdrive.

I think the one thing that makes this movie successful and sucks you into the story is that protective nature every single red blooded father has over his daughter, this build and builds right up until the final moments of the film.

There’s even a cool little hand to knife fight at the end of the movie which polishes it off perfectly.  This movie the perfect example of emotionally driven action!

The Verdict?

It’s a hell of a movie, as I said before it hits every note and is definitely one of the better action movies of the past decade, if you haven’t seen it yet (or Taken 2 for that matter), check it out!

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