Tactical ForceTactical Force is an action movie from 2011 starring Steve Austin in the lead role, backed up by the popular martial artist Michael Jai White.

We’re introduced to Captain Frank Tate, played by Steve Austin and his SWAT team – Seargeant Hunt played by Michael Jai White, Jannard played by Lexa Doig and Blanco played by Steve Bacic as they step in to handle a hostage situation.

The team come in and tear the place up killing the men and freeing the hostages by whatever means necessary – even throwing a raw steak at one of them.

Upon their return they are called to meet their superiors.  They are expecting some serious praise but instead are completely chewed out and are required to repeat their training.

The four of them then head out to an abandoned building to run an exercise in a scenario involving shooting paper targets with paintball rounds.

Coincidentally two crime bosses are fighting over an object hidden in the building.  Before long each side has their presence known and the the remaining 3 SWAT team members, after Blanco is shot and killed, must fight to survive with no ammo and no weapons. Meanwhile the criminals call in their teams of heavily guarded men to take out the SWAT team.

Michael Jai White vs Darren Shahlavi

A cool scenario!

You’ve got some heavily skilled policemen relying heavily on their resourceful and strategic planning against an enemy that has a very distinct and clear advantage.  With no method of communicating with HQ, these guys have got it tough!

The added rivalry between both of the gangs at the complex makes the movie a little more interesting and gives Frank and his men an opportunity to turn both sides against each other and help them thin out each others numbers.

With all of their ammo, weapons and phones being taken from their van the team must pick apart their enemies and collect whatever useful weapons they can to try and even the odds a little.

This whole approach just helped to make the movie a little more interesting, because ultimately it’s a pretty straight forward action film.  The good guys are almost unbeatable as they get to each opponent before they have the chance to fire upon them.

There’s definitely no deep message or thought provoking plot here, it basically just houses some decent action.

Steve Austin Choke

The Action & Martial Arts

Tactical force offers a mix of gun fights and martial arts action as each scenario calls for.

Early in the film we see Michael Jai white showing off some decent martial arts (as to be expected!) before finally arming himself.  Meanwhile Steve Austin shows off his raw power in some hard hitting and slamming fight scenes between himself and some of the other larger villians – using his wrestling skills on screen.

There are a few good names in this movie who offer up some decent martial arts action.  Aside from the main cast, you’ve got Darren Shalavi and Keith Jardine from the UFC.  Both of these guys put up a good fight against the team in some one on one matches.

Michael Jai White gets to face off against Darren Shahlavi in a cool stand up fight while Steve Austin and Jardine show off a little Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.  All very authentic and pretty well done.

The Verdict?

Your standard action film with some extra martial arts thrown into the mix.  It’s a decent movie but it’ll never be one of the greats.  Check it out though, I enjoyed it!

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