Chun Li, Guile and Cammy

Yep, another Street Fighter IV animation is out! This one is much shorter than The Ties that Bind, which was short to begin with!

Seth is still alive and kickin’ causing trouble with his new agent Yuri who has an eye implant which gives her tremendous power.  Yuri is out killing Seth’s men who have abandoned him, so naturally Guile, Cammy and Chun Li show up to take care of business. But Yuri is incredibly powerful and putting up a good fight!

After Chun Li is hospitalized, it’s up to Cammy and Guile to sort Juri out, but hat’s proves hard even for the two of them.

This OVA is a little better than the last, with more fights that are much more entertaining to watch.  It’s only short so it’s like an episode more than an OVA or movie.

This time there’s no Ryu and Ken, so the story is more focused around certain character which makes it a little less spread thin.  I liked it.

Check it out for yourself below!

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