Jackie Chan in Police Story 3: SupercopJackie Chan’s third Police Story movie with Michelle Yeoh is pretty standard for a Jackie Chan movie, which basically means it kicked total ass!

I feel a bit funny reviewing the third Police Story movie before the second.  But meh!  Such is the order of ‘The List’!  This movie definitely deserves a good spot in the ranks.

This time Ka Kui (Jackie Chan) is going under cover as a ‘Super Cop’ to infiltrate a massive criminal organisation and do the whole police thing and bring them down.  This time his superior is a woman named Yang (Michelle Yeoh), who doesn’t seem very impressed with his unprofessional lack of memory and casual approach to the mission.

But to put things simply, Ka Kui goes under cover beating up people and doing the Jackie Chan thing, while Yang gets caught up in the whole situation and goes undercover to keep an eye on Ka Kui.  From there they  collect info until eventually being discovered and have to fight to save Ka Kui’s girlfriend May, while taking down the bad guys.

Jackie Chan & Michelle Yeoh Together

It works.  They make a good team for comedy, and with Michelle Yeoh’s martial arts ability the two work well in fight scenes also.  The two seem to relate quite naturally, and Michelle does a good job as Chan’s superior.

Jackie Chan & Michelle Yeoh

Even more so, Yeoh convincingly plays the role of Chan’s fake sister (for his undercover family), and this whole scenario is quite open to both comedic and dramatic circumstances.  Jackie Chan is back with his usual comedic performance, that seems a bit more natural in this movie in comparison to the first Police Story.

His willing to impress the interpole agents is quite funny as he initially tries to play himself as a big shot, but it is mostly up to Yang, who talks up Ka Kui’s game a bit, forcing him to show his stuff in front of the other agents.  In classic Jackie Chan style, he manages to hold his own in a clumsy fashion.

The Action & Martial Arts

The fight scenes I felt were a little short, but well done and well placed.  Most of the best fighting happens quite early in the film, with a little on top of the train in the final sequence.

Jackie’s stunt work is incredible as always.  Dangling from a Helicopter seems to be no biggie for Chan before falling onto the train.  Michelle Yeoh has some impressive stunts as she rides a motorcycle onto the train in one sequence (one which took a few misses to accomplish – you’ll see in the blooper reel during the credits.)


The fights are fast and exciting, Jackie often cops a bit of a beating but give his own back, while Michelle Yeoh seems to have little trouble defeating her opponents.  One of the best fights I thought was actually at the training centre when Ka Kui first arrived.

One of the soldiers shows off his talents and even does a little Iron Shirt demonstration (breaking objects over his body), and is then pitted against Ka Kui.  A really fast, and well choreographed little fight which I really enjoyed.

Overall there’s not a lot to say.  It’s your pretty standard Jackie Chan film, it’s just that Jackie sets a pretty high standard, and this is one of the higher standard films he’s done.

Jackie Chan Blooper

Would I recommend it?

Overall just a simple yes.  It’s a good action film, good martial arts, Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh are good as always.  If you want to be entertained, this movie will do it.  Only it’s hard to find outside the US,

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