Invisible Target with Jacky Wu JingAnother item not on the list – Invisible Target!

First off, I know this movie has more people in it than Jacky Wu Jing, but he really is the stand out character  in this movie, and pretty much the only reason I checked this movie out!

I’ve read a lot of really good things about this movie, saw the trailer and thought this looks like a hell of a movie.  Honestly, it’s not bad – not fantastic though.

The movie starts off with the “Ronin Gang’ robbing a truck carrying $100 million in cash.  During the robbery a girl is killed from an explosion whilst shopping for a wedding ring.  The fiancee of this woman Chan Chun (Nicholas Tse) is a police officer who vows to take revenge on the men behind the robbery.  Two other policemen have encounters with the gang some 6 months later – Inspector Carson Fong Tik-Wei (Shawn Yue) and rookie policemen Office PC Wai King-ho (Jaycee Chan).

The Ronin Gang, lead by Tien Yeng-seng (Jacky Wu Jing) are out trying to get their money back from the mastermind of the robbery, and are causing all sorts of havoc.  When discovered by  the 3 police officers they are caught up trying to take down the gang and end up doing the whole policemen after bad guy thing gettign into fights, chases and causing cool explosions.

Jaycee Chan, Nicholas Tse & Shawn Yue

Some Unnatural depth

This movie is basically a cops vs bad guys movie (it’s good – don’t get me wrong!) with a little depth sprinkled on top in a way that really seems unnatural.  Jaycee Chan’s character is the younger brother of policemen who went undercover among the Ronin Gang, but was ultimately discovered and killed.

It is revealed later that he had the opportunity to kill his murderer but was intent on arresting the gang member and doing the right thing.  Of course history repeats itself as Wai King-ho is faced with the same problem but refuses to kill and instead arrest this same man, but instead the Gang member (played by Andy On) turns and kills himself as a final statement against the rotten life he has lead.  This (and a few other things) seem a little out of character considering how ruthless this crim seems to be, then 5 minutes later he’s changed his tune – seemed a bit superficial to me.

The other theme in that scene – arresting the Gang members as opposed to killing them is done quite well.  When Wai King-ho is killed, Fong Tik-Wei & Chan Chun decide to do the right thing and arrest their enemies instead of just killing them.

Jaycee Chan, following in the footsteps of his father (Jackie Chan), plays an innocent, almost naive but tough character that ultimately searches for some meaning with his actions.

Jacky Wu Jing

Jacky Wu steals the show in my opinion. As always he’s a slick villian (reminiscent of Killzone to some degree), and his onscreen presence and skill really are outstanding.  Unfortunately I think he is a little under utilised.

Wu Jing

While it’s important to maintain a the plot and not over focus on a character, his fights scenes are good but could have been longer and displayed more of his world class ability. I may be a bit biased though as well since the movie was designed to be an overall action film and not strictly martial arts.  Either way, what you do see of his work is done well and he does an excellent job as the main villain and really comes across as almost unbeatable.

The Action & Fight Scenes.

The action and fights definitely have some variety.  Expect to see chases in cars and on foot, explosions, shoot outs and martial arts fight scenes set mostly in a metro environment.

 The action of Invisible Target

It seems to me after watching this movie that just about everyone in Hong Kong who fights knows some Kung Fu of some sort.  Every copper or crim throws fast punches and kicks reminiscent of martial arts training.  It all fits the scene well though since this movie all very fast paced with plenty of action sequences.

Most of the best action is saved for the end of the film when the 3 main characters are fighting of Jacky Wu’s gang. As the main gang members are killed the final fight between Fong Tik Wei & Chan Chun and Tien Yeng-seng is where the best martial arts are displayed – not just by Wu Jing but all the actors involved.

Would I Recommend it?

It’s a good movie, worth watching for a bit of action but not exactly list topping material.  As a fan of action and martial arts movies I’d say check it out for sure, but don’t expect ground breaking stuff – just good old fashion action.

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