Hunt for HiroshiI just finished watching this short film, and I was blown away and want more!

It’s a short martial arts action film with a heavy Ninja Theme, set in modern day. We’re told a bit of a story as two men, a Swat Officer and a mysterious ninja, battle it out with some impressive and intense fight performances.

Here’s the Synopsis from the Presskit:

After a series of attacks on Yakuza lord Hiroshi’s drug supply chains, he sends a corrupt elite tactical team led by Captain Dale Hammond to capture the unknown perpetrators. What Hiroshi will soon discover is that his tainted past has finally caught up with him.

Ancient memories are resurfacing and vengeance will be undertaken…

For revenge comes in many forms.

Watch ‘ Hunt for Hiroshi’ below

Below is the film embedded from YouTube, which runs for about 25 minutes. It’s a blast and definitely worth the watch!

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Want to see more? They’re working on a feature film also, check out for more information.

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