…I’ve finshed the design, and now the site is about to begin.  Ok, there’s not much up at the moment, but in time there’s going to be a lot of content coming to Martial Arts Action Movies. Mainly information and reviews on, um, Action packed Martial Arts movies!   To give you the quick run down –

I found something online I call ‘the list’…

Basically, the list is a user made list on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) revealing what is (in his opinion) the top 250 martial arts movies of all time.  So what is my goal?  To, over some time and years, watch every single movie on this list, review it, and get people to read my review – but more importantly, watch these movies themselves, and discover what an awesome level of entertainment martial arts movies have to offer.

So short intro ( hi! ), check back sometime in the near future for more updates.


PS, what do you think about the logo?

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