Undisputed 3 PosterThere’s massive hype behind this movie and I think rightfully so.  As far as action movies go this has some of the best fight scenes of any movie made in the last 15 years, with an unforgettable main character (Boyka!)  and a pretty cool setup that gets you ready for a variety of awesome fights.

But before all that, we’re introduced to Boyka again, in a completely different position than the last film.

The Recovering Boyka

After suffering a massive injury (leg break) in his last fight with George Chambers, Boyka is left limping around the jail, cleaning up sewerage.  His gang has left him, he is alone and likes it that way. He’s even let his hair and beard simply grow out and is almost unrecognisable in comparison to his old self.

He is humbled, stating that ‘this is what I am’ having some deeper undserstanding of the person he has become.  Boyka still reads the Bible, prays and genuinely wants to become a better person, but is seems almost ashamed of the person he is.

The Prison fights now host a new champion ‘Psycho’ – a big guy with a bit of a wild (not to mention hugely telegraphed) way of fighting that delivers considerable power – but his skill is nothing like the former champs.

After applying for parole and being denied without the possibility of release for another 15 years, Boyka needs another way of getting out of prison when he hears of the inter-prison tournament.  This tournament puts the best prison fighters from around the world into the ring, with the champion being released a free man.

He takes time to strengthen his leg, he shaves his excessive hair and beard and steps up to fight Psycho, before completely wiping the floor with him.

Boyka is then sent to fight in the inter-prison tournament.

Scott Adkins' Martial Arts Mastery!

Boyka’s Goal

“God has given me a gift, only one.
I am the most complete fighter in the world.
My whole life I’ve trained, for what?
I must prove I am worthy of something.”

Boyka needs to win so he can be happy with who he is as a person.  At the start of the movie it seems quite obvious how little he has come to think of himself, and this victory is all that matters so he can be happy knowing he has achieved something in his life.

But Boyka’s motives become more selfless as the movie progresses.  He meets the American fighter Turbo, who is given little chance to survive after a vicious beating from the corrupt prison guards.  Boyka then helps him to escape, and even accepts that he won’t be released when the Prison Warden informs him that ‘only one prisoner shall be set free’ – in this case Turbo – who Boyka helped to escape.

Boyka and Turbo

His development continues in many other ways from the last film.  Instead of violently destroying his opponent showing no regard whatsoever for them, he is seen approaching one opponent,  Rodrigo Silva (played by Lateef Crowder) and saying ‘good fight’ – to show his appreciation of Rodrigo’s skills.  Boyka’s character comes full circle after his loss against Chambers in Undisputed 2.

“Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.”

After Boyka and Turbo meet, they seem to be instant rivals, however after having to spend so much time together they become friends.

Throughout their stay at the prison, they are forced to do hard labor whilst the Columbian fighter Dolor (Marko Zaror) seems to be sitting quite nicely in the shade reading a book.  This quite obviously raises some suspician among the fighters who come to realise that the fights are fixed.

That’s when Boyka comes up with the idea to turn it to his advanage – turning work into training.

Instead of loading up rocks, they turn it into an explosive exercise, dropping to do push ups and any kind of training they can work into their routine.  This change in approach pays off when Boyka fights Rodrigo Silva and comes off on top.  This however forces Rezo (who owns the prison) to arrange for Turbo to be beaten, destroying any chance of him defeating Dolor.

Boyka Vs Dolor

As Boyka fights the final fight against Dolor and suffers further injury to his (already injured) knee, he remembers the mantra of ‘improvise, adapt, overcome’ (spoken by Turbo  – a famous US Marines quote) to strap up his knee with the mop pad, and uses his other limbs to the best of his ability and comes off on top.  A pretty consistent message throughout the film.

The Martial Arts and Fight Scenes.

There’s some top notch martial artists in this film – of course you have Scott Adkins as Boyka, but also guys like Lateef Crowder and Marko Zaror that make this movies fight scenes such an awesome mix of technique, martial arts and acrobatic ability.  Some really top notch performances.

The constant energy that Boyka has in his fights is hard to ignore.  Whilst his attacks and moves are heavily based on jumping and quite often landing on the floor or in an unbalanced position, hes straight back into it without hesitation (or even looking tired) – Scott Adkins must have been supremely conditioned when performing for this movie.

Boyka Vs Dolor again!

The varying styles made things quite interesting, with Turbo sporting a style heavily influenced by Boxing, Dolor having a freestyle/wing chun looking aproach and Rodrigo naturally using the stunning Capoeira moves Lateef Crowder is known for.  All of these styles are exciting to see when pitted against Scott Adkins’ MMA/Acrobatic-ish style.  The use of groundwork by just about all of the fighters really puts an MMA look to the fights too, which would also aid in the movie’s massive popularity.

Another selling point that gave the movie an awesome visual style was once again that most of the guys had awesome physiques, shredded and built – to sell the power behind each fighter.

Find Undisputed 1, 2 & 3!

If you haven’t seen this yet, than I heavily recommend you do!  Below is where you can find all three movies.

On Blu-Ray

The only movie to have made it to Blu-Ray is Undisputed 3.  It does seem hard to find for people in countries outside of America.  But have no fear – the movie is completely region free.

So you can  find the region free Blu-Ray of Undisputed 3 here.

On DVD –

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Undisputed on DVD
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Undisputed 3 on DVD

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Undisputed on DVD
Undisputed 2 on DVD
Undisputed 3 on DVD

Region 4 (Australia, New Zealand, etc)

Undisputed on DVD
Undisputed 2 on DVD
Undisputed 3 on DVD


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