Twin DragonsTwin  Dragons is a comedy from the 90’s starring Jackie Chan – playing both twin brothers who were separated at birth!

The first is John Ma.  Ma was raised by his birth parents and has had all of the priviledges – great parents, a healthy lifestyle with a rich family and plenty of practise on the piano.  In fact, he is a famou spianist and is on his way to Hong Kong to perform!

The second is Boomer, who was stolen at birth.  Raised by another woman, he is raised on the tough streets with skills as a driver and a highly skilled martial artist.  Unfortunately he tends to mix with bad groups and has finds himself in trouble with a local gang, who are threatening to kill his friend Tyson.

With the two in Hong Kong, they inevitably cross paths and accidentally switch places.  They are followed by the other’s girl friends, greeted and spoken to by the other’s friends and don’t even realize each other’s existence – but this eventually changes.

The two finally cross paths and work together to save Tyson all the while they get caught up in each others problems and develop relationships with the other’s girl.

John Ma

Double the Jackie Comedy!

I don’t mind Jackie’s form of comedy usually, but I’m not a massive fan. I’m more a fan of his physical talents as a stunt man and martial artist.  But this movie I really found quite funny!

When the two switch roles and start getting onto each others girls, it’s actually quite funny and isn’t as overdone as his other movies made in Hong Kong.  John being a softy, over privileged Piano player; very proper and polite. Seeing Boomer step into his shoes as the out going street tough, we see some simple behavioral characteristics become pretty amusing.

The comedy of this film is what makes it worth watching.  Although it’s not exactly an original formula, Jackie really makes it work well.  Even as both men are physically performing (playing piano, or fighting), the movements seem to unconsciously pass onto the other.  This also creates some funny moments but works well during the final fight scene.

Boomer in Action

The Action & Martial Arts

The fighting is kind of overshadowed by the comedy in this movie, but not by much.  The quality of Jackie’s work is good as always but there just isn’t as much of it – with some martial arts action taking place at the beginning and and the end of the film mostly.

A good balance of Jackie’s acrobatic ability mixed with solid martial arts movements and even a quick flash of Wing Chun (which Jackie has years of study in) make Boomer’s fights quite exciting.  Funnily enough Jackie’s other character John can’t fight, but we find their ‘connection’ working to their advantage as Boomer performs the moves which get passed onto John in the finale.

Overall though the action is much what you’d expect from Jackie, and offers nothing really exciting compared to his more action packed films.

The Verdict?

A decent comedy and an OK martial arts film.  While I enjoyed this movie it certainly isn’t breaking any records.  But check it out, it’s worth a watch!

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