Street Fighters Last RevengeChiba is back! Tsurugi is back!  For the final installment of the awesome Streetfighter series.

This time Tsurugi, played by Sonny Chiba, steps in to recover a tape during an all out fight with a group of men and the Japanese Riot Squad.  Upon delivering the tape to his customer, they turn on him and try to pay him with newspaper (instead of money! doughbags).

Naturally Tsurugi gets pissed and does his usually punchy kicky thing and has them on the run.

The Owada family (the mobsters) desperately want the tape as it contains a formula for cheap synthetic heroin, so they decide to kill Tsurugi to get the tape back.  They pull out all of the stops by sending their men, women and even a very strong Mexican to take the ‘street fighter’ apart – but naturally Tsurugi, being a total bad ass, stops them at every turn.

Inevitably things get worse and Tsurugi goes after the baddies a to ‘take revenge’ (as in the title!) and end them.

More Crazy Street Fighter!

Tsurugi is back – the same attitude, the uber alpha male tough guy who is just too damn good to be beaten by anyone.  He’s out bedding women and throwing his weight around like the tough guy he is.  But this movie offers other things also…

Like I said before, you’ve got a kung fu chick and a crazy strong Mexican guy out to take Tsurugi apart.

It’s pretty bad….   but in a good way!

The woman shows off some awesome fighting skills nice and early in the film as seems to be an interesting enemy for Tsurugi, but the funniest is ‘the Mexican guy’.

As I said, it sounds bad but tha’ts the only name I can give him since they’ve take a ridiculous stereo type and taken it to a whole new level!  Sure he’s strong and can break chains apart with his bare hands – but his whole character and especially his outfit is just crazy!  Just look below, you’ll figure out which one he is…

Beloved Mexican Stereo type

..yeah, he wears that throughout the whole movie.

Ultimately it’s a lot more fun as per the usual Streetfighter movies.  The story is a lot of back forth, bad guys clashing egos and fighting each other, going after Tsurugi and him kickin their asses in return.  Chiba does all of this with the usual crazy faces he pulls and cool karate style of fighting.

The Action & Martial Arts

The action in this film is pretty nice.

Chiba offers the same Karate stances and movements as usual but without the crazy gore and genital removal he’s used in other films like the first Street Fighter.

The action seems to be bit faster and even offers a little more variety.

Sonny Chiba

We see him fighting different opponents using different styles, as he revisits the old dojo and get’s thrown around with some aikido / soft style techniques, we see him face his female opponent who delivers fast acrobatic strikes.  Naturally the odd flip is thrown in just to be fancy 😉

There’s a lot of up close in your face fighting which plays out very quickly and really gives this movie a look a little ahead of it’s time.  Overall, it’s pretty cool to watch.

The Verdict?

I like these Street Fighter movies, they’re so much fun and have some authentic martial arts (mixed with a bit of crazy).  Check it out!

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