Octagon Movie PosterEver wanted to see Chuck Norris tear apart a team of Ninja’s in their own hideout? Then you may well like his 1980 film The Octagon!

Scott James, played by Chuck Norris, is an American Martial Artist who seems to be pretty much unbeatable. He’s just living the life right now, hookin’ up with the ladies and trying to have some fun.

At one particular event he and his massively haired friend AJ are admiring their view – a young attractive woman.  Chuck swoops in and makes his move.  After dinner he ends up at her place when all of a sudden – Ninja’s attack!

Chuck, I mean Scott, takes apart the ninja’s as he would a pizza but the girl gets killed in the process (not from raw Chuck power – the ninjas). He then remembers back to his days of Ninja training with his sworn brother, and questions why ninja’s are still about – they should all be gone by now!

From there Scott meets another girl who also happens to be caught up with some Ninja problems, so he does his best to figure out whats going on and track down his former sworn brother, now turned enemy – for a final Ninja showdown.

Chuck After a Ninja Attack

Perfect Chuck Norris Cheesiness!

Let’s face it, Chuck is the man. This movie is as cheesy and clumsy an action film as you’ll get from a 1980 martial arts film.  But the fact that Chuck Norris has the lead makes it something really fun and a guilty pleasure.

The good guy attitude and unbeatable moves are 100% Norris, and this movie pits him against a team of ninja’s in their own training facility called the Octagon.  That statement alone shows the level of pure awesome Chuck’s character is at in this film.

It all flows pretty well, with everything unfolding naturally and is very easy to follow.  Of course old rivalries are always cool as Scott James must face someone who is equally as well trained as he is in Ninjitsu – only he turned to the dark side and Scott didn’t.  So there’s nothing new there really.

It’s more like a fun celebration of the old days when you had action movies that were so out of reality but no one cared – all they wanted was the action!  The event that Scott meets a girl killed by ninjas hired by his former brother in training, who is now a sworn enemy, is pretty bloody coincidental.  The reality of any of this happening is pretty off.

But I gotta say, the weird echoey voice over when Chuck’s character is thinking makes it sound like a creepy ghost movie at times.  But it was ignored and overshadowed by some cool action!

Chuck Norris vs ninja

The Action & Martial Arts

The action is in quick little snippets throughout the film until the final showdown at the end – then it’s a epic finale with kicks being thrown in every which direction – not to mention some nice swordplay.

Chuck revs up the fanciness during this finale and offers some nice level changing moves as he takes apart his enemies effortlessly.  All this is down holding a good rhythm and pace and I was pretty impressed considering the year it was released.

I was slightly disappointed when I saw fellow Aussie Richard Norton (who I’ve been lucky enough to meet a couple of times!) show up with a team of bad guys, eyeing off Chuck.  Expecting the usual one on one fight between two titans he steps up and just gets flogged  – but hey it is Chuck Norris!

At least Norton played the Sai weilding Ninja at the end of the film!

The Verdict?

This is considered by many to be a cult martial arts classic – and I’m hopping on the same train.  It’s not just cool, but cheesy 80’s cool.  Check it out!

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The Octagon [Blu-ray] [1980]

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The Octagon

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The Octagon [DVD] [1980]

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The Octagon

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