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Back again is Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and Agent Smith picking up where the first film left off.

So Neo is the one, he’s got tremendous unmatched power within the Matrix and he’s grown accustomed to the real world, but he’s been having nightmares.  These nightmares are that Trinity will be killed on a mission within the Matrix, and Neo can’t help but think that the dreams are a prediction of things to come.

In the real world the machines are preparing to invade Zion, which Morpheus sees as an attack of desperation.  They’ve freed more minds in six months then in six years and of course, they now have the power of ‘The One’ (Neo) at their side.

Neo consults the Oracle, and they discuss the dreams he’s been having.  From there he learns about a program called the keymaker.  He learns that he must find the keymaker and reach the source in order to fulfil his destiny and end the war.

Naturally things aren’t that easy so he and the crew encounter some resistance from the many menacing programs of the matrix as well as the new upgraded Agents and of course – the now unplugged and self duplicating Agent Smith.

The Expanding Universe of the Matrix

In the first movie the discovery of the whole concept of the matrix soaked up a massive chunk of the story.  In Matrix Reloaded we learn more of the deeper aspects of the Matrix and the real world as the concept is set, and the audience understands what is going on.

We meet programs which are like people in the matrix except they are software, serving a purpose.  Some programs however are playing their own tune like the Merovingian and his henchmen.

Keanu Reeves as Neo again - stopping bullets

More interesting is Agent Smith who in the last movie faced deletion.  He two choices – face exile or return to the source but somehow managed to stay within the matrix, free of the machines’ control.  He has discovered how to duplicate himself by turning anyone in the matrix into a version of himself.  This concept is taken to a new level when he turns a human from Zion into another Agent Smith, which when brought back into the real world has had his brain reprogrammed and becomes a sort of ‘real world Agent Smith’  that is lurking  around unnoticed.

For martial arts fans one program in particular should stand out – Seraph.  Seraph protects the Oracle and he is an absolute fighting machine.  This existence of fighting has him believing that ‘you do not truly know someone, until you fight them‘.  His fight scene is really well down and exciting – being played by Hong Kong Martial Arts actor Collin Chou that excitement is not surprising!

The Action is bumped up a notch.

With the first movie setting a unique new mark in the world of action movies, The Matrix Reloaded had to take it up a notch.

The action is vastly more complicated and fast paced and done to absolute perfection.  Neo’s abilities as the one weren’t as milked as you might expect, as his fighting ability seemed to be further developed.

The freeway chase is something like you’ve never seen in a movie.  You’ve got agents and corrupt programs chasing down Morpheus and Trinity before they finally split up and Trinity takes care of the keymaker.  As she weaves in and out of oncoming traffic with total precision, the rhythm of the action is just so smooth you can’t help but be mesmerized by it.

Morpheus with his Samurai Sword

Ultimately the scene’s shining moment for me is an image that I’ll never forget – Morpheus standing in front of an oncoming speeding car holding a Samurai Sword.  He roles to the side of the vehicle slicing the front wheel of the car causing it to roll.  He then pulls out his gun and fires on the petrol tank blowing it sky high.  Totally fantastic to watch and carried an authentic martial arts feel behind his movement, using it to utterly obliterate a much more powerful opponent with one smart  and precise movement.

The Martial Arts

Most of the martial arts is left to Neo in this film as he fights off many enemies after his visit with the Merolvingian, and of course some run ins with the Agents and Agent Smith hiimself.

The complexity is higher and the pace is smoother and faster, Keanu Reeves has been well trained for the performance this movie.  Once again a lot of wire work and lot more CGI was used to get the final product but it blends well with the look of the movie.

Neo vs Agent Smith

The style was once again very Kung Fu ish – flowing and based on leveraging blocks and movements – even the way he handled the steel post in the Agent Smith fight scene was very flowery in the beginning, but also offered some straight forward striking techniques that a little more ‘karate-ish’.

Overall I’d say a perfect blend of Sci Fi action and Martial Arts make this a top film for action fans of any genre.

Worth a look?

I liked the first.  I like this better.  It has more action, performed faster and in a more entertaining fashion. It doesn’t carry the impact the story of the first movie had, but it’s still incredibly interesting to watch, especially as the end unfolds and sets you up for a third movie which leaves you waiting to see how the humans will fight beyond the prophecy.  If you’ve never seen it – see it!

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