The Duel aka Duel of the Iron FistA visually dark movie – the Bride with White Hair is a movie on The List which, in my opinion, isn’t really all that good as a martial arts movie.

So the movie is about a man named Zhou Yihang who is raised in the Wutang sect, and will inherit command of their army.  As a child he meets a girl named Lian Nichang after being chased by wolves.  He then grows up thinking about this girl non-stop.

Once he becomes a man, he encounters Lian Nichang and the two begin a relationship, fall in love and exchange their ‘pleasantries’.  But because both are from opposing clans naturally some trouble brews and we see the two being put into some tough situations.

Ultimately it’s a slightly strange romantic story with tiny chunks of martial arts which offer not a hell of a lot to the action movie fan.  What martial arts you do see seems to revolve around shakey photography and wirework.

The movie itself, without the title of ‘martial arts film’ is merely ok, I didn’t really enjoy it.  It is primarily focused on the character of Zhou Tuhang, and they did a good job of telling the tale of his character.

The Bride

Going from copping a lot of biased punishment as a child, he is given some advice to merely be honest and rely on your conscience, since he will then have nothing to fear.  This seems to become a bit of a philosophy for him as we see him evade punishment and prove his seniors wrong when being quite obviously accused falsely.

Aside from that there’s some weird characters like the evil conjoint-twins with magical voices from the clan which seems to revolve around magic and ‘witch craft’, taking on the more grounded Wu Tang clan.

Honestly, I was bored out of my mind so I’ll end this one quickly.  It’s not much of an action film but something different – you may enjoy it but I definitely didn’t.  I’m not a fan of supernatural romance movies.

Not for the action fan!

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