The Accidental spyOk, when I first decided to watch this movie I didn’t expect a hell of a lot.

But this movie, depsite being what I thought was some of the dimmer 90’s Chan films, turned out to be pretty entertaining! I guess because it wasn’t produced by Americans…?

Makes sense to me.

Jackie Chan plays a character named Jackie Chan (in the English dub) who works selling fitness equipment – and seems to be in awesome shape. But a local place is about to get robbed when Jackie has a moment and gets a gut feeling that something is going on. So he steps in and manages to stop these criminals from their robbery using his Jackie Chan awesomness.

He is then hailed as a hero and everybody rejoices…. hurray!

Jackie has interviews all over the news and reveals that he learned Kung Fu as a boy at an orphanage to avoid being bullied. See, now it all makes sense.

But shortly after his heroism he is tracked down and we learn that (possibly) his biological father is dieing.  He lives in Korea and so Jackie heads over to meet him.  His father is a spy and dies shortly after an attack – which Jackie helped to fight off.  He then finds himself retracing some of his fathers steps and gets caught up in a mission – quite accidentally becoming a spy..  (I get it!)

During this time he meets girls, gets a hold of a large sum of money and gets around living a life of luxury.  This luxurious life is also mixed with danger as he seems to be constantly under attack or pursued. It all plays out pretty naturally and manages to keep a lot of Chan’s 90’s cheesiness out of it.

Jackie Chan

There’s a decent pace to this movie as things are constantly changing as situations  switch and keep moving – stopping the movie from getting boring and stale. While some of the usual comedic elements are there (running naked through the marketplace being a good example), this movie manages to avoid dropping below a level where it’s no longer serious; so it doesn’t get ridiculous.

Jackie’s brand of action is also decent in this film (once again, in comparison to his best work) where he’s jumping through tight spaces, using his environment to fight off his enemies with pure precision. The life threatening stunts make Jackie the force to reckoned with!

The stunt at the very end of the film is nothing short of mind blowing leaving you wondering just what would happen if he were to slip – but I won’t give it away!

Ultimately this is a movie that uplifts Jackie’s career and image and I recommend it.  It has good action a decent pace and has great entertainment value.  Check it out!

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