So CloseThis is a Hong Kong action film about two sisters who assassinate people and are generally bad ass (if you’re 13), despite constantly being dressed in white.

Shu Qi plays Lynn, the main matrix style hero of the movie.  She steps into a major complex by tricking them into thinking she saved their ‘bullet proof’ computer system from being hacked, but instead faked the whole thing in order to reach her target.

After hanging upside down, kicking and shooting everyone about, she sets off a poisonous gas from her sun glasses that kill her target, before leaving in a perfectly fashionable way, giving you the impression she shouldn’t be messed with.

We also meet her sister Sue (Zhao Wei), who does the computer hacking and behind the scenes type stuff.  Together they are an unstoppable duo.  But a rookie forensics officer Kong Yat Hung is onto their trail.  She’s switched on and basically the ‘police’ equivalent of these two girls.

As thing get complicated between Lynn, Sue and Kong Yat Hung Lynn also starts seeing a man and decides to quit the game forever.  Things get complicated as the investigation is still on and people are after both Lynn and Sue, leading to some footage of these killer women kicking ass and shooting up anyone who gets in their way.


Shu QiOn the fence…

This movie is ‘ok’, it does have a terrific concept with females taking charge in the action genre and teaching the guys about who’s boss… Unfortunately it just doesn’t get pulled off very well in my opinion.

It’s presented to the audience in a way that I think appeals to young 13 year old girls, since they’re supposed to be bad ass but are also kind of well behaved and a little too ‘lovey dovey’ toward the guys in a chick flick / romantic comedy meets a martial arts and action movie.

It’s not bad though, it has it’s strengths.  The story isn’t too bad, and the action is pretty decent, just the overall feel of the film is a bit naive. Things do get a little more realistic as (spoiler) we see the main character Lynn get killed by the bad guys, leading to revenge style motivation as Sue and Kong Yat Hung go after the bad guys.

The Final Fight

The Action & Martial Arts

The movements aren’t to obad, the CGI is little overdone along with the wirework and it has a very matrix style of action – only not done quite as well.

I think with better choerography Shu Qi couldn’t really been a good onscreen fighter with some clever editing, she can pull off the kicks and movements, they just need to be presented a little differently.

Overall there’s a few good fights but mostly gravity defying ‘gun fu’ as everyone shoots up their enemies whilst moving around in a very fancy manner.  This side of the action was done pretty well, as the shootouts were well thought out and not just a series of hopeless shots missing the hero while she nails every shot.

The Verdict?

Just another standard action movie.  Not bad, not great, check it out if you have nothing better to do.

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So Close

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So Close [DVD] [2004]

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