Skinny Tiger Fatty DragonThis 1990 Kung Fu Comedy is a film starring Sammo Hung about two bumbling cops and their antics, directed by Lau Kar Wing.

The names are nice – Fatty (played by Sammo) and Baldy (played by Karl Maka) are our two main guys. These two detectives are going up against some triad gangsters in their own very unique fashion.

During their escapades their end up causing a considerable amount of trouble (trying to do the right thing) at the English Deputy Commissioner’s Wedding.  They are told to take a vacation in Singapore until things cool off.

In Singapore they meet two women and start to have the time of their lives, but when they are hospitalized by the gang (lead by Wing – played by Lau Kar Wing), the two saddle up and decide to finish them off, so they can find some peace.

Of course this unfolds with a lot of action and also some classic comedy but it’s all pretty slow.  The movie seems to creep despite how funny both Baldy and Fatty seem to be as characters.  The movie seems to slow down during their vacation, only to pick up again once the two decide to fight the gang.

Sammo Hung

This whole pace and general feel of the film make it a little flat and I couldn’t really get into it, personally, but it does have it’s moments.

The introduction of the characters is quite funny as they outwit some local robbers with Baldy pretending to work behind the counter, this same mischievous approach seems to be the way they get things done, deceiving and tricking the criminals they’re after.  It’s fun to watch but this seems to wrap up early in the film.

When the film does pick up again, we’re lead into the usual action finale, where the majority of the film’s most watchable scenes are shown – mainly because of the action.

As usual the Hong Kong style of fighting is done quite nicely with terrific pace and energetic performances.

Sammo Hung, in particular, imitates Bruce Lee quite directly in his fight scenes – using his high pitch scream, fighting stance and even copying several of the movements almost directly from his films – some move for move!

Sammo Does Bruce Lee

This little nod to Bruce lee – similar to Enter the Fatty Dragon or his brief imitation in Millionaire Express is pulled off quite well by Sammo and adds a little fun to his fights.

Ultimately it’s a decent film but has a lot of flaws.  It’s a must watch for fans of Sammo Hung, otherwise it merely stands as a ‘decent’ kung fu film.  However, I still recommend watching it if you get the chance – but don’t expect a list topper!

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