Shaolin Soccer PosterAnother awesome modern day Kung Fu Parody by Stephen Chow!  But just like Kung Fu Hustle, this movie has some pretty cool concepts and legit ideas that any martial artist can appreciate, along with a heap of laughs.

Stephen Chow plays Sing, a poor, homeless man with a high level of Shaolin training in a style that earned him the name ‘Steel Leg’.  One day he meets a man who used to famously known as Golden leg – a star Soccer player who had his legs broken many years earlier by a man who has become his enemy – leaving Golden Leg almost cripple and unable to play.

Between the two men, Sing wants to find a way to promote Kung Fu as a way of helping you in every day life, while Golden leg wants to coach a soccer team.  Naturally the two put their heads together and form a Soccer team with Sing’s brothers – all of which are trained in different aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu.

So using their Kung Fu skills the team becomes a force to be reckoned with on the field and fight the championship agaisnt team evil, run by Golden Leg’s nemesis Hung.

Kung Fu in everyday life

Stephen Chow’s movies all have a way of hilariously touching on themes that are very real in martial arts.  Just as martial arts training can help everyday people become healthier, fitter and more confident and have a massive effect on their lives, Chow’s character sing seems to be promoting this also – just a little differently.

Kung Fu on the Soccer Field

They demonstrate this by showing a young attractive woman slipping on a Banana peel.  With Kung Fu practice she could do multiple somersaults and stay on her feet, avoiding injury – of course this is shown with a superb level of grace!

Another demonstration is a when a young man is fired from trimming a tree too slowly, where as in Shaolin you can use lots of flipping and fancy swordwork to keep trimming the tree! And of course it goes on with parking cars and even a young woman named Mui who uses her Kung Fu to be a proficient baker.

This colorful way of expressing a theme like the every day use of Kung Fu is why Stephen Chow’s movies are up there with the greats, despite being comedy’s that don’t use martial arts for action but comedy and message instead.

The Martial Arts skills on the soccer field

Sing’s brothers all have a very unique skill and find ways to use them on the field – it’s visually awesome and really pays a good tribute to the old fashioned Kung Fu styles.

Ironhead is the master of a style in which he can use his head to attack and defend against any assault.  Naturally he uses it to propel the ball around the field.

Hooking Leg uses an almost break dance like skill to take the ball, confuse the opposite team and send it flying toward the goal.

Ironshirt is able to catch the ball with his stomach and hold it there, shooting it out with tremendous power and knocking over anyone in the way, as well as sending it through to score a goal.

Light Weight Vest was a formerly skinny guy who has become ridiculously obese and is able to lighten his weight and soar through the sky, often taking the ball with him and getting a clear kick toward the goal or another team mate.

Empty hand has great skill using his hands so he becomes the ultimate goal keeper, constantly pulling faces and poses like Bruce Lee, dressed in Game of Death outfit- even putting on sunglasses reminiscent of Bruce’s when he is carried off the field.

Steel Leg (Sing) has a powerful kick, so he becomes an ultimate power on the field, winning many games simply by kicking the ball and destroying anyone in it’s path, and scoring goal almost every time.

The vast difference in each skill makes all the soccer matches so artistic and visual spectacles to watch, all while keeping a small amount of laughter going – it’s so well done and makes the movie and absolute classic.

Each game is like a fight scene, choreographed and made to visual perfection using some good martial arts work and decent CGI, which due to the light hearted nature of the film doesn’t ruin the overall feel of it.

Bruce Lee Reference in Shaolin Soccer

The Verdict?

A classic – without a doubt.  The unique concept behind the movie makes it stand out and the entertainment value is top notch.  It’s not an action movie, but it uses action movie techniques to create a highly visual comedy that rivals Stephen last great movie Kung Fu Hustle.

If you’re looking for a laugh and you enjoy Kung Fu movies – you have to see this movie!

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