Not long ago I was sent a link to watch a short martial arts film called Rope a Dope. It stars Eric Jacobus, a YouTube star whose become very well known for creating short martial arts films.

After reviewing his feature length film Death Grip, I felt it was worth taking a look at his two ‘Rope a Dope’ Short films. Mainly, I wanted to share them with you here so you could see them for yourself!

Rope a Dope

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Ever seen the film “Groundhog Day”? Where Bill Murray’s character wakes up and everyday is the same day on repeat?

Well Much like Groundhog Day, Eric’s character in Rope a Dope wakes up everyday and sees the same people, same obstacles and gets into the same fights – but everyday hes see sit coming, and improves his approach to the day and eventually turns the tide on some bad run ins.

Check out the video above for a better look.

Rope A Dope 2

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In this second film, Eric’s character has reached a new day and is trapped within the same process of wake, fight, repeat.

Both films take the concept of groundhog day and really align it with Martial Arts themes.  It’s not just some guy getting into fights every day until he beats his opponents, but it’s about the similar scenarios of training and fighting we often meet as martial artists.  We learn to overcome obstacles with martial arts by facing them on a regular basis.

The age old art of repetition can be what makes some martial arts seem boring to many, but this film embodies why it’s important to be faced with certain obstacles in training and overcoming them. The second film even switches this up a new level with Eric’s character going after his enemies, instead of waiting for them.

As each short film progresses, we get better and better action as the characters are faced with more complex fights.  Needless to say the performances are top notch.  We see terrific acrobatic ability, high energy and even a nice variety of hand to hand and weapon work between both films.

If you’ve ever seen Eric at work, you know the quality I’m referring to.

Overall these are some excellent short films and well woth a watch.  If you haven’t already, scroll back up and watch these films for yourself!  Thanks for taking the time to read this post 🙂

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