Project A 2 with Jackie ChanJackie Chan is back again in the sequel to Project A with Project A part 2!

There’s a little bit going on here.  After Dragon Ma (Jackie Chan) defeated the pirates in the first movie, some of them want revenge for the death or their fellow pirates, so they plan to kill Dragon Ma. Alongside that, there’s corruption taking place in the police force so Dragon Ma is appointed to work under the corrupt Chun, who is suspected of staging his arrests.

Dragon Ma steps in and takes control of the sloppy force under his command, and arrests one of the towns biggest criminals.  With Chun unhappy about the way things are going, he works against Ma to remove him as a threat.

From there Dragon Ma must work hard to destroy corruption in the force as well as protect himself from being set up and arrested for theft.

A Serious Jackie Chan

This movie is a comedy, but Jackie Chan is pretty serious a lot of the time.

A lot of the time Jackie’s voice is very quiet and he speaks in a very serious tone, being a more ‘in command’ Dragon Ma then the first movie.  His character is very much set on doing his job and fixing up the corruption within the force. A Serious Jackie ChanBut in saying that, the movie still has a lot of physical comedy within it.  The antics of the some of the police being handcuffed to each other and other pieces of furniture was quite quite funny to watch, and as always the situation escalates quite humorously.

All in all the movie has a natural balance of light hearted antics and serious situations.  It’s nothing special, but it does make for a comfortable watch.

The Action & Stuntwork

This movie, as always had top notch stunts and action that you’ve come to expect from Jackie Chan – but it’s not his best work.

Jackie does a lot of getting beaten up earlier in the film when he fights a criminal just before his arrest and is very ‘Jackie Chan’, but most of the best action is saved until the end of the film.

When Chun reveals himself as corrupt, just as any bad guy does in a family movie, Dragon is caught up with a with a small group of people that are to be killed.  This is when Chan starts fighting his way out and showing off his stuff.

He fights against a few opponents but once again plays the underdog, and uses other clever means to stop his opponents. Project A 2 Jackie ChanAn obvious theme of the movie’s action (at least to me) was how Jackie was able to stop a lot of fights without actually being a superior fighter, which is something I’ve always enjoyed about his work.

Ultimately the action and fights are pretty decent, but not among Jackie Chan’s best.  It is an entertaining movie however and will keep most martial arts fans pretty entertained.

The Verdict?

Another Jackie Chan movie.  It has all of the elements of his other work but doesn’t really stand out to me.   More of a good way to kill some time in front of the TV with some decent entertainment.  If you’re curios, check it out!

On Blu Ray –

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Jackie Chan 4 Film Collection (including Project A 1 & 2) on Blu-ray

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Jackie Chan’s Project A2 on DVD

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Project A 2 on DVD

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Project A 2 on DVD 

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