police story 2 with jackie chanJackie Chan is back, in the sequel to Police Story – the appropriately named Police Story 2.

Despite being an awesome kick ass Police officer in the previous movie, Ka-Kui (Jackie Chan) is copping a mouth full from his superiors, and is demoted to traffic control as punishment for all of the damage he caused. Ka Kui’s girlfriend May is happy as he’ll no longer be taking on dangerous assignments, but it isn’t long until he starts receiving threats from some of the men he helped capture.

Sick of everything, and ashamed at his behavior after getting into a massive fight at a local restaurant, Ka Kui resigns and plans to go on a holiday with May.  But after helping a few friends in a bomb threat situation, he is called off the plane by his former superiors and asked to help them with the men behind the bomb threats.  While he initially says no, Ka Kiu is lured back into the Police force and does his best to help capture and charge the men behind these bombings.

A Little Less Comedy

The first movie was packed with funny situations – Police Story 2 has a little less of the Jackie Chan humor and his more seriously driven.

There are some moderately funny scenes and circumstances, especially between May and Jackie as he struggles to maintain his relationship – especially since he’s rejoined the police force and May starts to think being a cop is more important to him than she is.

There are some mildly funny scenes among the police also, such as a speech given by Jackie after being upped by one of his superiors.  This speech is then repeated to his higher superior, to which the reply is the same, before being repeated down the line again.  Not to mention the old ‘fart in the elevator’ gag which Ka Kui is blamed for.

The movie has more short jokes and less of the long funny circumstances which Jackie is so good at doing, but it also gave the movie that slightly more serious edge which suits the story.

jackies a bit more serious!

The Action and Martial Arts

This whole movie is a little less ‘Police Story’ than the first.  The comedy is a little watered down, and the action also doesn’t measure up.  Although there is still a decent amount of quality fight scenes, they just aren’t quite on the same level.

Jackie’s character seems to constantly get into fights in this movie, which made the action a little more frequent and kept the movie entertaining – but the intensity of the first movie isn’t there.  The same level of acrobatic ability is present and the intelligent movements worked into each fight are still very Jackie Chan.

The end fight scene was one I was counting down for, hoping to see some really brilliant work there – these fights were probably the best in the film.  Held in a fireworks factory, you knew things would end with a bang so it was cool to see where it all went in the end – with one almighty explosion which Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud of.

showdown in the fireworks factory


A typical Jackie Chan film – decent comedy, decent action but nothing outstanding in my opinion.  The epic stunts of his other films seems to be held back in this movie.  Watch it if you’re a Jackie Chan fan, because it’s not a bad movie; it’s not his best but still entertaining nonetheless.

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