Pedicab Driver is another 80’s film pumped out by Hong Kong movie legend Sammo Hung.

Sammo is Lo Tung, a Pedicab Driver in the 1930’s who has tremendous fighting skill.  Lo Tung starts to develop a relationship with a young attractive girl named Ping, who is an apprentice baker of a man named Fong – a desperate old man, (old enough to be Ping;’s father) who is desperate to make Ping his girl.

Meanwhile Lo Tung’s brother meets a young girl and starts to fall in love, he learns that she is a whore after his brother recognizes her from the previous week’s adventures in her bedroom.  As she is kind of stuck in a situation after some bad debt to her boss she gets very depressed, running off in dramatic fashion.

After convincing her to marry him and that her occupational past is not relevant, Lo Tung’s brother finally gets hitched with this woman.  All the while Lo Tung’s relationship grows stronger.  But the owner of the whorehouse is displeased, and decides to kill the two and sends his men to do the dirty work after their marriage.

This situation leads to the couple and their friends defending themselves before Lo Tung eventually goes after the boss himself, using his unique and awesome brand of overweight Kung Fu to do the job.

The Pedicab Driver Lightsaber Duel?

The Pedicab Driver Lightsaber Duel?

A Bit of a Love Story

This movie is a bit of a love story, exploring the difficulties Lo Tung’s brother faces when confronted with the fact that is girl is a prostitute.  At first he tells her she is a cheat, and generally scolds her for her deception.  It’s not until Ping informs the men of how lucky they are to have normal perfect lives, and that the life of a whore is not that by choice.  Naturally then Lo Tung’s brother does his best to get his girl back in regret.

Lo Tung faces his own difficulties as he tries to get Ping’s attention, getting some pathetic competition from the old Baker who for some reason believes he can woo Ping despite being old enough to be her father.  This does lead to some funny situations however, if not a little cringe worthy.

The quality of the story isn’t the greatest but it is relatively entertaining.  It does get a little boring at times but the real strength of this film is the action.

Sammo Hung vs Lau Kar Leung

The Martial Arts and Action

Sammo has a way of creating hard hitting action scenes being able to impressively move like a guy half his weight!

The fights are sprinkled nicely throughout the film, with the biggest and best being saved for last.  The final fight shows off some of Sammo’s fastest and most entertaining performances I seen. The fights leading up to the finale are also top quality.

If you’re looking to see some of Sammo’s most entertaining martial arts performances, check out this movie!

The Verdict?

Not bad.  The story is pretty standard and the action is great but somehow I just can’t get too excited about this movie.  It is fun to watch however and I definitely recommend it as I can see the quality it possesses.  A must see for Sammo Hung Fans!

You can grab this movie on Amazon.


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