Ong Bak 3

Picking up where Tony Jaa left off in Ong Bak 2, Ong Bak 3 continues to tell the story behind the first Ong Bak movie in the final installment of the series. After being caught by Lord Rajasena at the end of Ong Bak 2, Tien is being rather severely beaten whilst being imprisoned.

He has his elbows and knees snapped and has basically become a cripple – falling far physically from the strong and powerful warrior he once was. Rescue attempts are made but fail as Tien is kept under the control of Lord Rajasena.

But when a pardon from the king sees Tien being taken away, his body is returned the Kana Khone villagers.  The village is attacked by men who want Tien’s body but the villagers manage to successfully protect Tien.

Tien is revived and faces the harsh reality that he could be physically disabled for the rest of his life.  He plays with idea of suicide before finally making his way to a nearby cliff.  Here he speaks with one of the (more insane) villagers, Master Bua.  Tien then becomes a monk and decides not to kill himself, instead rehabilitating himself and finding inner peace.

Before long Tien is the powerful martial artist he was before, with a new found sense of peace.

After training and recovering Tien returns to the village to find it destroyed, and must go face Bhuti, who has usurped Lord Rajasena and is using the villagers as slaves.  Tien then ventures off to face Bhuti and his men to return villagers home.

The Link with Ong Bak

These movies seem to have a story that utilizes Tony Jaa, but other than that it’s hard to find the connection between all of the movies – until the very end!

Tony Jaa sports a beard!

After defeating all of the men and Bhuti, all of the villagers return home and start their peaceful lives, praying to the Ong Bak statue that has it’s head cut off in the first film!  A nice little touch I think as it focuses on the origins of the village and the Ong Bak statue.

This also places great emphasis on the Ong Bak statue and the struggle behind the village if you watch the first movie again.  It’s a nice way to connect all three movies.

A little different for an Ong Bak movie.

This movie sees a more supernatural theme thrown into it as Bhuti uses magic to defeat his enemies.

Even the very end of the film his magic is dispelled and he is struck by lightning, before facing Tien in hand to hand as a normal man. But there are other differences.  Tien becomes a monk and finds peace, as opposed to being the war like creature Toyn Jaa usually is in his films.  It focuses on his outlook and personal development, and seems to be a little less action packed than his other movies.

The Action and Martial Arts

The action you see is quality.  It is performed well by everyone in the film but it just doesn’t have the same flair that Tony Jaa has injected into his other movies.

The driven anger behind his fights doesn’t seem to be as prevalent and he seems to perform a lot of the same stuff – not introducing much new movement besides a few rather plain techniques.

This film is definitely the weakest of his movies so far, but it is still a reasonable action flick.

 I still think it’s an ‘ok’ movie but definitely not a list topper.  Check it out if you’re a Tony Jaa fan or even if you’re not – You might get something out of it…

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