Ninja HunterNinja Hunter is another old skool kung fu movie from the 80’s.

It revolves around an evil martial artist known as Abbot White – fittingly he is a powerful monk with long white hair and he seems to do strange things with women to enhance his fighting abilities.  Yeah, I don’t get it either :S

Abbot White is a priest from Wutang, but he has his own agenda.  He challenges a student of Shaolin and is humiliated in defeat.  Naturally, he decides to kill off the Shaolin!

So Abbot White enlists the help of some deadly ninja’s and gets stuck into wiping out the Shaolin Monks.  He does succeed except for a small handful of survivors who go into hiding.

So 10 years later children of these Shaolin monks have been training hard to defeat the evil priest, and old monks cross paths and begin to make plans before finally heading out to kill the ninja’s and Abbot White.

The plot isn’t exactly a unique masterpiece of twists and turns, it’s more of a simple revenge or redemption style plot put together to house a lot of fights.Things go a little weird at times (especially with the activities of Abbot White) but mostly it’s a pretty solid environment (well, for a kung fu film).

Bad Guys

Abbot White’s presence is what captures this entire film, although he is introduced in the film losing a fight he seems to carry a level of almost invincibility that makes him unbeatable bad guy for our cast of heroes.  We see old heroes pop up after years of hiding only to be crushed by the efforts of the evil Abbot and his Ninjas, and he seems to just mow through any resistance without trouble.

Of course, the secret to defeating this immensely powerful villain lies in a lost style of Shaolin.  So we see the typical martial arts style vs style action has they introduce new movements and styles to keep the films action from getting stale.

As with most of the film the action is standard but of decent quality, with each of the actors delivering some nice acrobatic moves (like a hell of a lot of flips).  Some of it is a little overdone and there is some cheesy wirework.  But overall, a decent action movie.

I do have to say though, that it really doesn’t offer much by way of originality.  It’s all decent and meets the standard but I can’t say it was a ‘stand out’ film to me, personally.  But it is enjoyable to watch.  If you’re curious to watch this film check it out but I wouldn’t place a lot of priority on it.

On DVD –

Region Free (All Countries)
The Ninja Hunter

Region 2 (UK, Europe, etc)
Wu Tang Vs Ninja [1997] [DVD]

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