Kung FuryThis short film was released back in 2015 is an outstanding parody of 1980’s Kung Fu cop films.

Although it’s nothing new it’s a film I feel needs to be shared further to gain appreciate for just how awesome a film it truly is.

In this 30 minute short we see the “Kung Fu freak of nature” take on the evil kung fu master Adolf Hitler, also known as the Kung Fuhrer in a time travelling crime film that’s on a whole different level of 80’s cheesiness than anything before it (including films made in the 80’s).

I won’t beat around the bush, get comfy for 30 minutes and watch it for yourself below!

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Let’s hope that Laser Unicorns don’t stop making films like Kung Fury, these guys have some excellent vision and the ability to create some film jam packed with comedy.

What was your favorite part of this short film?  Let everyone know in comments below 🙂

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