Jino Kang in Kid FuryHave you ever heard of Jino Kang?

He’s a highly experienced martial artist who is making his way onto the scene in recent years with some small and entertaining action films. I recently reviewed Fist 2 Fist & Fist 2 Fist 2: Weapon of Choice on this blog – which he stars in.

Well, Jino is back and creating a short film series about a talented kid who must retrieve some stolen valuables from some powerful (and martial arts trained thieves) lead by Jino Kang’s character. He’s not just an actor but the writer and director in this short film – called ‘Kid Fury’.

Beside Jino Kang, Kid Fury himself is played by Timothy Mah, who is a very young, talented martial artist that shows some promise – after all he has a 3rd degree black belt and he’s just a young teenager!

It’s a short but fun film

I was lucky enough to see a screener of the short film being used to as a pilot, and it’s well put together short with some excellent martial arts choreography. The story dives in nice and quick as we meet the gang of kids and their leader (Jino Kang’s character) and we see the environment they’re exposed to under his leadership.  He physically abuses and controls these children with fear, and in return they do as they’re told.

When a precious box is delivered we see nothing of what’s inside except a golden glow once it’s opened – very reminiscent of the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. Shortly after,  ‘Kid Fury’ bursts in and must then fight off the gang in order to retrieve the box.

We’re introduced to the crew quite effectively, there’s no doubt who the bad guy is in this film and the basic conflict is easy to determine.  It has that fun old-skool action feel with the overbearing and selfish thug and his gang of kids, who he sends in to do his dirty work.

Kid Fury vs Jino Kang

The Martial Arts

The action takes off from there was we get to see and diverse mix of talents.  Each of the actors in this fight have some incredible movement and martial arts skill.  My only complaint is that some of the hits aren’t sold very well in the beginning, and look like choreography.  The biggest flaw in this is some underwhelming sound effects don’t place that nice impact at each point of contact.  Despite this things slowly improve and escalate as the fights grow more intense and the floors get ironed out a bit.

The action in this short film shows off some truly impressive acrobatic kicks and action, each character delivers impressive spinning and jumping kicks and the timing between opponents is spot on as they collide and exchange strikes.  As a Jiu Jitsu practitioner I enjoyed some very short displays of groundwork, worked into the choreography.

Most martial arts fans will find the fights entertaining and impressive with acrobatic abilities of the actors involved.

So keep your eyes open…

This isn’t available to the public yet, but in time it should (hopefully) find it’s way out there.  It’s an entertaining watch so keep up to date with us on Facebook or our newsletter for information in the future. Thanks for reading 🙂

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