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Justice League

If you have not just arrived from an alien planet you must have heard about Justice League, the latest DC Comics superhero movie from the director Zack Snyder. By far the movie received immense hype probably because of the expectations that stemmed due to its plush other-worldly superhero visuals and enticing drama projected through the teasers. But as the movie released without making too much of a success like the highest grossing productions and as several movie lovers of this superhero entertainment staff were really pleased while remaining undecided about their affection, it is time to evaluate the real worth of the hype it created.

While the dynamic of the movie featuring starkly contrasted superhero and villain has been much the same compared to the previous movie of the director, it offered some fresh entertainment stuff as well. Obviously, the common line of actions in such superhero movies like the digital stunts and the blitz of slaying continued to have the same rigor of visual effects, this time the storytelling featured more noise and visual clutter than ever before.

In the last movie the director brought an unfavourable twist that such superhero movies are less familiar with. By the twist of the plot the Superman died a death that the viewers were unhappy with. This can be one of the reasons the previous one could not achieve a popularity it was expected with. With the present one, the director took all the precautions and measures to take care of the rough edges and unhappy aspects. But still, as a superhero movie it failed to deliver a clear and high pitched viewing experience that can make the ideal mix for a superhit.

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Coming to the merit of the film from the viewer’s perspective it lacks the real motivation that takes the character through. It sort of broods longer on certain sequences and actually makes the experience duller. We do not find the multiple shades of characters we normally find with characters of Dark Night or similar movies. Justice League celebrates solidarity with more rigor than individual heroism we normally expect from most of the successful movies of this genre. Moreover, with some new additions and some characters it spends more time than the usual. This really make the charm lost and we are helpless to find that the movie is really not lovable as a treasure thing in spite of packing solid entertainment throughout.

When going back to the original Justice League of America as the term was used originally, the movie convened way back in 1960 really went through broader transformation without even leaving a trace of similarity. It is true that the present Justice League is not even a facsimile of the same. But apart from the historical connection we are no longer interested in it as the movie is also rolled out for out and out entertainment. It obviously carries the same seed of pessimism about the world while mourning for Superman, is constantly getting worse.

Although the movie always tried to create a sense of freshness by introducing three three newcomers over a length of time without really hurting the flow of the original story, we still needed some weaving thread to make all the characters in a neat and impressive manner. In all considerations, Justice League have been to us a solid package of entertainment that always leaves us doubt about the missing elements to make it even better.

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