into the sunInto the Sun is one of the Seagal’s films fom 2005.

A Governor of Tokyo named Takayama is murdered, and ex CIA agent Travis Hunter, played by Seagal, is hired to track down the killer and do the whole cop thing – arrest or kill, whatever works.

Travis is given a partner to help out, a young CIA agent named Sean Mac.  Travis goes about his business, showing Sean the ropes and treating him like a little kid.  We learn that Yakuza are behind the killings and a small group of the younger members have teamed up with some Chinese gangsters – something previously unheard of in Yakuza circles.

During Travis’ investigation, he instructs Sean to do some surveillance but keep a safe distance, meanwhile he meets a young Japanese woman and somehow manages to convince her to marry him, despite appearing to be almost double her age (at least it seems).

Young Sean it appears cannot follow instructions, and goes snooping around in the Yakuza operations and gets himself killed.  Fed up with Travis, the Yakuza also kill his squeeze (fiance).  So naturally he gets pretty shitty and goes after them with a Samurai Sword for revenge.


Good Old Fashioned Revenge!

Seagal may not be the most popular martial arts actor and he always seems to play these seemingly invincible characters.  But I’m against the grain, I actually like the ridiculous Seagal movies! Even if my enjoyment seems to come from the weaknesses of his movies.

As with most of Seagal’s characters, everywhere he goes everyone acts like the sun shines out of his ass, they’re all scared or making him out to be this undefeatable warrior.  He barely moves and disables his enemies in what seems to be the laziest of fashions.  But that’s what you expect from the big guy!

Movies like this definitely should not be taken seriously, but just sit back and watch a bunch of hopeless villains get the asses kicked by Seagal. That’s what it really boils down to.  

With his physical prowess being question by most people out there, calling him Seagal a fake, it’s hard to see this as anything but a cheap ass kicking. But he’s so unstoppable, I actually enjoy it as a bit of a guilty pleasure.

I do have one question though, why does he interview all of his witnesses in English and have them respond in Japanese?  I think there are several of these interviews in the movie.  It kinda reminds me of Star Wars…

Seagal in Action

The Action & Martial Arts

As a guy who has a few years of Aikido training behind me, I can’t help but notice Seagal’s movements.  Most wouldn’t notice but Seagal’s technique is pretty sharp in terms of Aikido, an art that is all about efficiency of movement and using little energy to subdue and opponent – relying on and manipulating their force instead.

While this movie shows off some nice slices of Aikido, the same principles are applied to the sword work, as the character of Travis seems to be more of a Kendo expert than anything else – so the sword work is what makes this movie.  It’s not too shabby.

Some of Seagal’s strikes are a little weak though, but only make up a small chunk of the fighting.

The movie is primarily built up to show off the most action at the end, so don’t expect a large amount of action if you’re going to watch this movie.

The Verdict?

This isn’t a fantastic movie and offers little to hardcore martial arts fans.  But it is a cheap and easy film to watch that has it’s moments.  Another ‘not bad but not great’ film.

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Attack Force & Into the Sun – Blu-ray Double Feature

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Into the Sun

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Into the Sun [DVD] [2005]

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