Royal Warriors aka Line of DutyTalk about old skool action!  This is a movie which really revs up the pace and delivers some fast, hard hitting action within a standard ‘Cops Vs Bad guys’ story.

Michelle Yeoh plays Michelle Yip, a cop on her way back to Hong Kong aboard a commercial flight from Japan.  But a hijacking takes place aboard her flight and she is forced to work with Michael Wong and a cop named Yamamoto to very ‘kung fu-ingly’ kick the crap out of these hijackers and return peace to the airplane.  Of course they succeed and everyone jumps and cries with joy.  Hurray!

Naturally lurking out there in Hong Kong is a bad guy who sees this killing of the Hijckaers as a crime and plots vengeance on the ‘evil’ Police Officers who took his brothers.  In a total douche move he kills Yamamoto’s Wife and child (after we’re introduced and see just how much of a loving happy family they are).  From there they track him down and kill him in a fire fight.

Next down the line, another twisted bad guy with screwed up moral compass – he’s out to kill the evil cops who killed his brothers, only this guy is much smarter, more dangerous and we see Michelle and her team face some more life threatening situations and crazy fast fights as they try their best to not only survive but take down this crim.

Taken for a ride

Old Skool Awesomeness!

My god, it’s the perfect combination of dated 80’s music and overplayed drama mixed with kick ass action – I love 80’s kung fu cop movies!

The scene is set one the plane as we are shown the tremendous ability these three possess as a crime fighting trio.  But the story truly starts when Yamamoto’s family is brutally killed.

After meeting Yamamoto’s innocent family and seeing their picture perfect world, it is revealed that Yamamoto is quitting the Police force for a safer life with his Wife and daughter.  It’s almost poetic as we watch their car explode magnificently leaving no possbility of their survival.  From this moment on you’re pumped for revenge and Yamamoto doesn’t even stop to grieve. He’s after the man behind the bombing and continues with savage ferocity.

But it doesn’t stop there, as things become more difficult from the inside – the police face their own problems with the higher ups and meanwhile Michael Wong keeps shamelessly hitting on Michelle despite being completely shut down by each time.    So they all grow a little distant as Yamamoto isn’t exactly his happy go lucky self anymore – more an angry vengeful man.

Despite the really dated music and old fashioned acting, the exciting mood cannot be destroyed throughout this film, I loved it!

Michelle Yeoh Kickin' Ass

The Action & Martial Arts

As I mentioned earlier, the fights are fast and furious!

With Michelle Yeoh and her co stars performing all sorts of fancy kicks and precisely timed acrobatic stunts, you can see why this movie is so popular and why Michelle Yeoh as the reputation  as a top Martial Arts performer.  Although the scenes do appear sped up, it’s easy to look past as they flow naturally and are performed ever so well.

Some of the best work is demonstrated earlier in the film before things get serious, but there’s some good fights all the way through.  Very acrobatic and highly entertaining – some of Michelle Yeoh’s best and most intense work!

The Verdict?

A true old skool classic.  If you get the chance check it out!

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Royal Warriors – HK Action Blu-Ray

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Royal Warriors

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ROYAL WARRIORS Digitally Re-mastered DVD (All Region) (NTSC)

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