Fatal MoveFatal Move is a story about  modern day gang and it’s downward spiral from the top of the crime food chain to complete extinction.

As the head of this triad family is Lin Ho lung (Sammo Hung), and his brothers.  Lung has had a baby to his mistress as his wife cannot conceive, and there are celebrations to be had.  The police show up to see what’s going on, with the entire family at one venue they feel the need to go in there and throw their weight around a little. But nothing comes of it.

When a drug shipment is busted up by police, with many of the key family members involved,  one of Lung’s brothers, Wu, is arrested.  As part of a scheme, Wu’s wife plans to steal money from the family under the instruction of her boyfriend (with whom she’s cheating on Wu with).  She threatens that Wu will give away precious information if Lung doesn’t pay them $20 million.  Naturally they torture her until she gives up the plan and then they kill her, her boyfriend and Wu – just to be safe.

Things get more complicated as other members of the family conspire to kidnap Lung’s financial backer, Uncle Yu. Uncle Yu is then later killed and Lung declares war on another criminal family, blaming them for Uncle Yu’s death.  Of course not much comes of this as they learn this family isn’t responsible.  But with money almost gone and no income coming from their businesses (due to police interference) Lung and his brothers do their best to track down who is behind everything and put an end to it.

This ends in dramatic fashion, with many family members surrendering to the authorities and eventually showing a nice kung fu battle between Wu Jing’s character Tin-hung, and Sammo’s character Lung.


SPL or Kill Zone 2?

No this isn’t a sequel or prequel, but it was originally intended to be.  The idea being that it was to show the developing relationship between Sammo Hung and Wu Jing’s characters from the Kill Zone / SPL.

This movie is very similar in tone however, with Sammo being the head honcho of a crime organisation and Wu Jing being his right hand assassin – extremely deadly and ruthless.  But ultimately it’s the story of a criminal empire disintegrating from the inside, and shows how disloyalty can destroy a group.

Small relationship issues lead to betrayal and as each piece of the empire falls, it’s usually due to some small betrayal, which in turn creates a domino effect as the next family member goes down.  It’s an intriguing film that requires your full attention to really understand how things are going, but it’s definitely worth it.  Especially when you see some of the action mixed into it utilizing the talents of Wu Jing and a little from Sammo Hung.

Sammo Hung vs Wu Jing

The Action & Martial Arts

The star of this is Wu Jing, he runs around with a sword chopping guys up in this movie like crazy!

At the beginning of the film we see a crowd of guys fighting, and Wu Jing’s character runs in there and chops a good 20 or 30 guys arms or legs off – it’s brutal!  In typical Wu Jing fashion he moves quickly and impressively making each fight scene really quite entertaining.

The best fight however is saved for last, when Sammo Hung and Wu Jing want to see who is the better fighter, after being faced with death or arrest.  This fight is really top notch, it’s sword against bow staff (or a large metal pole) in an acrobatic and fast paced fight.

Overall thought the movie isn’t quite as action packed as I would have liked, but it’s not far off.  The fights are quality but not the long epic fights we all wont to see from guys like Sammo and Wu Jing. But it’s still pretty entertaining, and well worth the watch.

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