Born to Fight This movie is incredibly well done in my opinion!  It’s another hard hitting action film from Thailand in the same style as Ong Bak – no wires or CGI just good old fashioned hard hitting stuntwork!

We start off meeting two undercover cops busting the head of a massive criminal military group.  During the operation the man in charge dies while his partner, Deaw (played by Dan Chupong) survives to finish the job.

Stricken with grief, his daughter (sort of – he’s her guardian) says shes going to an athletic camp for Taekwondo.  Deaw decides to go with her to support and watch over her. They get to the camp and the country’s best child athletes in different sports are there to train and learn.  But a military group kills some of the camp’s people and holds the camp hostage, ruthlessly killing anyone who disobeys them.

The group holds the camp hostage in hopes to get their leader released – who Deaw just finished locking up at the beginning of the film.  They also threaten to send a nuclear missile to destroy Bangkok – so theses guys are pretty serious.

So Deaw is in hiding and slowly picking off soldier after soldier to take down the group.  Naturally things get harder and harder for our main man leading to some top notch Thai action!

crazy stunts

Totally Ruthless!

This film shows a side of the world we all know exists, but try our best to forget on a daily basis – what some vicious groups are capable of.

Killing children and mowing down real people like cattle with automatic weapons seems to be their ‘way of doing business’ and this movie doesn’t sugar coat it.  We’re shown a vicious side of the criminals in this film as they storm the camp, with one guy getting his arm shot clear off!  It’s a visual statement to just how disgusting humans can be.

Dan Chupong

(spoilers)  On the other hand, it shows the spirit of people.  When Deaw is captured is tries to convince the villagers to fight, despite being surround by heavily armed soldiers.  When the national anthem (I think that’s what it was!) comes on, they all storm the soldiers in a do or die retalliation that opens up for the films freakin’ awesome onslaught of excellent choreographed fighting action.

Many of the villagers run to attack fearlessly, giving their lives and putting their souls on the line in this movie.  Each villager, as innocent as they begun, unleashed their best within in this movie.  Loved it.

The Action and Martial Arts

So we see Dan Chupong doing some cool stuff, showing off his awesome martial arts moves in a very Tony Jaa type fashion – he’s a got the goods for these movies!  We see some nice acrobatic movements and a high level of athleticism in his fights as he ruthlessly takes out his opponents.

But that’s not what makes this film in my opinion….

Gymnast fighting

The villagers all have their own talents – soccer players, gymnasts and general sports are what these people do on a day to day basis.  This movie see’s each of these character’s turning their skills into weapons – furthering the science behind martial arts – it’s nothing mystical just a series of refined movements.

Soccer balls are used as weapons, gymnasts use their moves to evade and strike by taking advantage of the environment around them.  What was really cool was watching a very small girl use her Muay Thai to offer a couple of nice hits on a soldier attacking her, working with Deaw’s daughter – a taekwondo practitioner.

The Verdict?

Awesome.  Must see piece of Thai action cinema!

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Born to Fight

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