Movie PosterBlood and Bone is one kick ass movie!

This movie centers around a man named ‘Bone’, who gets out of jail and hits the underground fighting circuit.  While we’re not 100% up on his intentions early in the film, we learn that he doing his best to keep a promise to a dead friend, Danny, from prison – to look after his wife and son.

Danny’s son is an orphan, and his mother is an attractive woman who is with a powerful gang leader named James.  James uses drugs to keep her compliant, as well as threatening to kill her son and husband (who she is yet to realize as dead) as a means of keeping her around for his ‘personal uses’.

So Bone enters the fight circuit, shakes it up a bit and gets in tight with James before causing a whole a lot of trouble for him as as he desperately wants to break into the big leagues of underground fighting.  After putting his neck on the line James is left with a refusal to fight from Bone and so all hell breaks loose and James does his best to force Bone to fight.

A Michael Jai White favorite!

With movies like Black Dynamite and Undisputed 2 under his belt, Blood and Bone becomes another perfect addition to Michael Jai White’s portfolio of kick ass martial arts films.  This movie help solidify him as one of the top names in the martial arts movies (in recent years) and for good reason – it kicks ass!

Bone is a character who doesn’t give much up, and it takes time for his story to unfold as he gets around kickin’ everyone’s ass almost effortlessly.  What’s really interesting is deep knowledge he displays on martial arts technique and even a little on philosophy as he and James trade quotes of Genghis Kahn.

It’s quite amusing to note that when James asks Bone if he has any weapons training, Bone simply gestures that he doesn’t, but during their final fight at the end of the film, Bone is thrown a sword before demonstrating some impressive and fancy swordwork – to which James looks on with a facial expression that nicely describe the words ‘oh shit’.

The story isn’t deep, it’s pretty standard and an excellent way to house some action, and not to mention some top names form the world of Martial Arts.

Prison Fight

Cameo after Cameo..

So you’ve got Michael Jai White in the lead of this film – which makes it a big deal in the world of martial arts but it doesn’t stop there.

We see Michael Jai White fight against the massive Bob Sapp in one fight, and XMA and top martial artist Matt Mullins as ‘The Pretty Boy’. Not to mention YouTube star Kimbo Slice makes his way into the very first fight scene of the movie.

But there’s a few names that pop up rather quickly like Muay Thai and MMA Champion Gina Carano before she started picking up movie roles.  Fans of Enter the Dragon will also notice an older Bob Wall as part of the Consortium, to which they refer to him quite fittingly as ‘Ohara’.

Among the fights you’ll also see former WWE wrestler Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller, former UFC Champion Maurice Smith and in the rehab clinic you’ll see an old man being knocked out who happens to be the martial arts and grappling pionner Gene Lebell – the former co stunt man of  Bruce Lee in the Green Hornet.

That’s a packed list of names!  It all adds some authenticity to the movie but also shows a tremendous amount of support from the martial arts community.

Blood And Bone

The Action and Martial Arts

Among the best you’ll see, and one of the Michael Jai White’s very best physical performances.

Interestingly we get to see Bone out think his opponents early in the film as he takes note of any weakness or gaps in their technique.  He then lures the technique out of them before capitalizing on the opening – a really smart way to show the intelligence of Bone’s fighting ability – it’s not all physical but also mental.

Smooth and impressive describes Jai White’s martial arts performance  with lots of high flying and impressive kicks combined with some sharp evasion as he is under the pressure of attack.  With each fight being choreographed to show off his abilities in an almost show reel fashion.

Backing up an already impressive physical performance against reputable martial artists, the physique of Michael Jai White is truly impressive, he’s big and he’s cut yet still able to pull of the acrobatic movements of the little guy – minus the overcooked flips.  This makes each fight visually exciting with a fast rhythm and pace which sets this movie way up the list in my opinion.

The story might not be great but it was never meant to be, this movie is all about the physical performance – and one of the most exciting to be caught on film in the last 10 years.

The Verdict?

Classic, it’s totally awesome.  This is one of those movies that comes to mind when you hear the name ‘Michael Jai White’ – because it leaves an imprint of his martial arts ability and performance in your head after watching it.  It’s just fantastic and a must see for anyone who loves top martial arts action.

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