Martial Arts Action Movies Fan ReviewHey guys, with the growth of this blog, I’ve had people approach me to do some reviews of their own!  So once every month or so I’m going to open the stage up for a fan to have their say about their favourite movies.

The following review is for the movie Blood and Bone, and it’s been written by Pasi Vahlman, a 24 year old guy from Finland. Pasi is a pretty regular commenter on our Facebook page, so check out what he has to say!

I´ve recently watched Jai White’s movies to inspire the enthusiasm which came over me  as a little boy, when I watched movies where bones would crush and chins get pounded. I must say that my passion for such movies is enjoying a revival. I´ve grown tired of the ideal that a movie should just entertain me for its’ whole duration, no matter how good the script or screenplay. My every mood has its’ own sort of entertainment. If your mind is tired one day, you can check out this movie with a clear conscience.

Movie is called Blood and Bone (2009).

Bone (Jai White) is an ex-prisoner, who before the death of his cellmate Danny (Kevin Phillips), promised him to take care of his boy and wife.

Danny´s wife, Angela (Michelle Belegrin) is now a junkie and, of course, the girlfriend of an evil gangster and the king of streetfights, James(Eamonn Walker). Bone arrives to the streets, challenging everyone who´s got the guts to face him. He hooks up with a rude and easygoing guy, “the Manager” Pinball (Dante Basco), and starts to fight his way to rescue Angela.

Bone takes on a gang of Prisoners

About the story and the characters

The acting is a bit stiff and lifeless, except for a few scenes. Quotes come from many of the genre´s previous films. The plot is basically the same as in Van Damme´s Lionheart.

The movie tries to achieve some level of drama, but doesn’t really get too serious at any point. The strongest acting role belongs undeniably to Eamonn Walker. The movies visual looks belong in the MTV generation, but this is no rap music video.

 Jai White and Martial arts

Jai White´s versatile combat skills are mixed with influences of shotokan, taekwondo and wushu.

This film is not a celebration of guns, but focuses more in spectacular physical action. The man behind the choreography is the mastermind of martial-arts movies: JJ Perry. Perry has proven his skills as one of the best fight choreographers of our time.

Movies like Undisputed 2 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine really show the reason why. Fight scenes are simply great and diverse. Battles are carried out in style, even despite the movie’s short schedule and low budget. This movie has everything, what you could hope for: long fight scenes, clever camera work, no wires and classic moves with combined with mixed martial arts

 All in all…

…the movie makes forentertaining pastime for all the martial arts fans in the world.

On Blu-Ray –

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Blood & Bone on Blu Ray

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Blood & Bone on DVD

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Blood & Bone on DVD

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By Pasi Vahlmann

Why does he love movies: It´s the best way for me to relax. For me, movies are more than just a hobby. It´s a way of life.

 Why martial arts movies:  even though im not a sportspirit-human, I understand the message and the symbolism of this fine art. It´s so beutiful to watch and maybe someday, learn.

Favourite actors: Scott Adkins, Chris Lambert, Tom Hanks,Kevin Bacon,Tchéky Karyo, Dolph Lundgren, Steven Seagal, Zach Galiafinikis, Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, Jim Carrey, Charles Bronson, Mike Jai White, Sylvester Stallone, Robert Downey Jr.

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