Blade TrinityBlade and Whistler are back in Blade Trinity. This time the Blade producers have pulled out some big names and put together some pretty hard hitting  action with a varied mix of martial arts action.

This time the vampires are fed up, they’ve dug up the original and most powerful vampire of all time – Drake (short for Dracula, but Dracula would have been a bit cheesy 🙂 ).  Drake is like Blade – all the strength with little to no weakness.

After the police break into Blade’s headquarters, Whistler blows the place sky high – killing himself at the same time.  Blade is captured by Police but rescued by some interesting people – Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) and Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel).

Hannibal King was once a Vampire familiar who now fights for the cause against vampires alognside Abigail who also fights for the cause also – so she should, she’s Whistler’s daughter!

Blade, King and Whistler have a bit of an introductory run in with Drake, and he eventually breaks into the headquarters killing everyone inside except for King, who is injured, and a little girl living with them.  Blade and Whistler return, and plan their rescue, and also the dispatch of a new biological weapon, that should instantly kill any Vampire within the general area.

Whistler, Blade & King

A lot of talent!

So as usual you have Wesley Snipes as Blade, but also by his side is Ryan Reynold and Jessica Biel – who have buffed up and gotten into fantastic superhero shape for their roles.

On top of that you’ve got Dominic Purcell doing an awesome job as Drake, and of famous Wrestler Triple H as one of the Vampires.


There’s definitely a few big names in this Blade film and it makes it a little more ‘Hollywood’ feeling than the last two movies, which a lot of fans probably didn’t appreciate.  The movie also has less gore and a less ‘dark’ visual style and seems more generic in look by comparison to the first two.

This movie definitely as a lighter and more comedic feel than the first two, but the overall ‘feel’ is a little watered down in my opinion.  I personally do really like this movie despite it being less dark and ‘Blade-like’. The added come3dy of Ryan Reynolds was pretty entertaining and things a just a little more ‘fun’ instead of serious.

Many, however, will disagree with me as this movie has been rated fairly poorly by critics.

The Action & Martial Arts

Not as fast and vicious as the last movie (No Donnie Yen for the Martial Arts fans!) this movie seems to have slower but a more ‘hard hitting’ style of martial arts techniques.

Each of the actors seem to do a pretty decent job selling a decent level of skill in their roles. The extensive training Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel underwent worked reasonably well, While Wesley Snipes pulled some good stuff from his martial arts arsenal but has also showed a bit of decrease in pace.

Jessica Biel kicking

There are many different fighting styles and moves shown off in this movie.  Wesley Snipes loves his spinning back kicks and Karate style, but also offers some Aikido style techniques, as do some of the other actors here and there.

You’ll notice some MMA style techniques and basic groundwork mixed up with Triple H’s visually impressive looking wrestling moves.  Mixed with lots of other techniques (I saw some Wing Chun in there also), this movie really shows off some cool martial arts and creates an decent level of action, opting to sell every strike with clarity as opposed to fast & vicious pace.

Do I Recommend it?

Another movie many may hate, but I enjoy it!  Decent enough action, good characters and plenty of funny lines by way of Ryan Reynolds – it’s not deep and meaningful just a lot of fun!  Check it out and make up your own mind!

On Blu Ray –

Region A (US & Canada)
Blade: Trinity [Blu-ray]
Blade Collection [Blu-ray]

Region B (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe etc)
Blade Trinity [Blu-ray]
Blade : Trilogy (Blu-ray)

On DVD –

Region 1 (US & Canada)
Blade Trinity (Unrated Version)
The Blade Trilogy (Blade / Blade II / Blade: Trinity)

Region 2 (UK, Europe, etc)
Blade: Trinity [DVD]

Region 4 (Australia, New Zealand, etc)
Blade Trilogy on DVD

More info on Movie Regions here.

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