Blade 2 Movie PosterBlade 2 is a continuation from the first film, with Blade this time tracking down is old friend and father figure Whistler and teaming up with a group of vampires to fight a new type of monster.

The movie starts as we learn that after Whistler had shot himself in the first film, he had been fed on and was already starting to turn into a Vampire.  Being caught and held by the Vampires, Blade (still Snipes) swoops in and saves Whistler, bringing him back to base and curing him.

Shortly after Whistler recovers, 2 Vampires break into Blades HQ seeking a truce (after some nifty martial arts action!).  There’s a new type of vampire, genetically engineered from vampires in an attempt to remove their weaknesses.  These vampires, however, feed on both humans and vampires.  So naturally they approach Blade to help out

Blade decides to work with the vampires, keeping everyone on a short leash and ready for them to turn on him at any time – he does it with the idea that he’ll be taken further into the Vampire world than ever before and learn a little more about his enemy.

He meets a group called the Blood pack, trained for years to kill Blade, their main purpose is to now work along side him and kill off these ‘super vampires’ getting around.

Wesley Snipes

Blade working with Vampires?

Sounds crazy but it kind of makes sense, leveraging their efforts to more easily eliminate one enemy and simply fighting your way out of their inevitable betrayal.  But for a little while we’re left slightly in the dark as to whether or not Blade’s hatred for them still exists.

He begins to get cosy with a female Vampire whose helping with the mission named Nyssa.  She points out a few things about him and the vampires, exposing that his hatred is a little bit prejudiced and so he gets a little soft.

The 'Super Vampire'

When confronted by Whistler about his behavior, Blade tells him to remember “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer“.  But this still proves to be slightly superficial, as he sympathizes with Nyssa at the end of the film and they have a slightly “our love cannot exist in this world” sort of moment as she dies.

The whole scenario keeps things interesting as the Blood Pack are always challenging his authority and protest his presence. You’re left thinking that at any moment he could be faced with a fight from any of them.  It creates a motive for some pretty cool action.

The movie plays out pretty naturally and has a very dark and cool feel to it. The new vampires look pretty bad ass and the ‘horror’ themes of Blade becomes very present in this film and combines well with the action.  Wesley Snipes does a good job as Blade by making his character slightly questionable.

Of course as the story plays out there is the inevitable betrayal but things unfold and reveal a deeper history with the ‘super vampires’ and their ties with the original vampires.  This makes them not just ‘another enemy’ but adds a little more substance to their existence.

Action & Martial Arts

In similar nature to the first film, there’s a good mix of gunwork and martial arts, but leaning a little more toward the martial arts in this one I think.

Hong Kong movie legend Donnie Yen not only stars in the film as a minor character named Snowman, but he also choreographs the martial arts in this film.  Although we don’t see much of him (he doesn’t speak even once!), we do get a small taste of his style of action early in the film, with the rest of Donnie’s efforts being put toward some pretty sharp martial arts action.

Donnie Yen in Blade 2

Donnie Yen in Blade 2

There’a  little bit more CG than I’d like to see in this film, but it suits the visual style of the film, and combined with Yen’s awesome style of fighting, makes for one of the better Hollywood Martial Arts movies.

The movie has a nice enough finale and we get to see Blade turn on the people and play his cards in true Blade fashion.

The Verdict?

A cool story and highly visual film with a decent amount of good martial arts action.  Not Yen’s best choreography, but still pretty good.  Check out this movie for fantastic ‘general’ action film and a semi decent martial arts film.

On Blu Ray –

Region A (US & Canada)
Blade II [Blu-ray]
Blade Collection [Blu-ray]

Region B (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe etc)
Blade II [Blu-ray]
Blade : Trilogy (Blu-ray)

On DVD –

Region 1 (US & Canada)
Blade II (DVD)
The Blade Trilogy (Blade / Blade II / Blade: Trinity)

Region 2 (UK, Europe, etc)
Blade II [DVD]

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