Assassination GamesIt’s been non-stop Scott Adkins lately (Ninja & Undisputed 2, with Undisputed 3 review coming up soon), and we’re checking out Assassination Games with both Scott Adkins and Jean Claude Van Damme. I have to say that Van Damme is picking some good talent for his movies these days, so I was excited to see how this movie turned out.

However, while I thought this was not a bad movie, it’s not quite as ‘martial arty’ as I was expecting, but nonetheless a reasonably entertaining action flick with quick flashes of well performed martial arts action.

Assissination games follows the 2 main characters Flint (Scott Adkins) and Brazil (Jean-Claude Van Damme), both men being highly skilled assassins.  A contract is offered to Flint to kill a man named Polo who was recently released from prison.  Flint, currently retired has background with Polo, after having inflitrated his group years earlier which lead to him being found out and a tortorous assault on his wife (in front of him) which now leaves her in a coma.  Flint, although would like revenge on Polo, initially declines.

The contract is then given to Brazil.

With a change of heart, Flint decides he’s going to kill Polo anyway in order to protect his family. When the plan to kill Polo from both men fails (due to both men’s attempts interfering with the other), the meet up and decide to work together in order to kill Polo.

Scott Adkins and Van Damme

The plot

Things become a little complex when many different parties become involved.  Initially a corrupt group of Interpol agents release Polo to lure out Flint and kill him, all the while Flint is trying to kill Polo.  During the failed assassination Brazil accidentally kills Polos Brother, so Polo is out to kill Brazil.  Not to mention initially Brazil and Flint want to kill each other before joining forces.  Things defintely take off but as you’d suspect, it all sorts itself out as the movie progresses.

There is some attempt to bring some deeper moral thought into the movie as a female character (an ‘escort’ of sorts) questions Brazil’s philosophy, as he claims that the people he kills decide their fate by the lives they choose to lead.  He then of course starts to change his ideals a little and starts to consider a career that doesn’t involve mercilessly killing people.

Scott-Adkins and Jean-Claude Van Damme

The movie does have a pretty thin plot, but also has a little quality action, and a cool look at the lifestyle of Brazil.

Brazil’s Home

Perhaps one of the coolest things in this movie is Brazil’s apartment.

When Brazil gets home from a hard days killing people he arrives at a beaten up old building in a poor neighborhood.  He steps in to a crappy looking apartment, moves a few things around before a wall opens up revealing his secret, real apartment – a nice looking place filled with expensive things like pianos and violins, and expensive looking designer furniture (plus a cool weapons room!).

What I find funny is just how secret and high tech the whole idea is, and then the woman staying with him ‘accidentally’ finds her way in.  Which is pretty laughable!

The Action

Scott Adkins as Flint

More guns than punches and kicks, but there are flashes of Scott Adkins’ awesome moves and martial arts mastery.  Van Damme displays a little hand to hand combat aswell, but while it works well and is entertaining  it just doesn’t compare to Scott Adkin’s abilities (considering the age difference, I’d say that’s totally expected!).

Most of the action is quick and there’s not a lot of it, but it all seems to work.  It’s kind of a ‘low on action’ action movie – if that makes sense.  It has all the themes, the characters, the storyline – but it’s all just so quick and over with that you’re left waiting for more.  Then the movie ends.

What you do see of Scott’s work is good.  He has a few sequences where he effortlessly takes apart a few guards with some flash kicks and cool moves but also some close up disarming and slightly military style close range fighting when he’s attacked by a group of men.  But it was also refreshing to see him in a role which didn’t rely solely on his martial arts ability.

All in all it was entertaining, but could have been so much more.

Check it out for Yourself!

Unfortunately it’s not on Bluray!

But you can get it on DVD. Also check out the trailer further below!


Region 1 (US & Canada)
Assassination Games on DVD

Region 2 (UK, Europe, etc)
Assassination Games on DVD

Region 4 (Australia, New Zealand, etc)
Assassination Games on DVD

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